Episode 1

Things weren’t always this way. I can remember when I was a young warlock. Learning how to control demons. I remember how easily the dark arts came to me. I can still remember making that first Soulshard and how powerful it felt. I just knew that 1 day people would cower in fear just from the mere mention of my name.

How did it all go so wrong? People smile at me and say things like, “Have a nice day”. I say to myself “You wouldn’t have a nice day if I ripped out your heart and took your soul for my own use.” but all that comes out of my mouth is, “Have a nice day too” Damn this curse! If I ever catch up with that witch who did this to me I’m gonna rip out her soul and piss on it just so I can throw it away. Then right on cue it shows up. It calls itself ‘Newa’ and claims to be helping me.

Newa- I see you’re having negative thoughts again, Mega. The master and I often wonder why you resist us so. We just want you to be good.

Mega: I don’t want to be good you flying little freak. I want to be evil you just refuse to believe me.

Newa: “laughs” Silly, everyone wants to be good.

Now is when my eyes roll back into my head and I scream in frustration. You see I’ve had this particular argument thousands of times now. It’s part of the curse. I can still remember, so clearly, that fateful day. The day that witch cursed me and took away that thing most precious to me – my evilness. Well, my ability to do evil things anyway.

You see it all started when I was doing a little freelance work over in Zul Darak. I was trying to make some extra gold. Now mind you I don’t go around picking fights and being evil to people just to be picking fights and being evil. However there are too many jerk-asses in the world and it seems they all like to mess with me. So I usually take great pride in culling the herd. Anyway it was supposed to be a simple job. Go take out a bunch of these crazed trolls and collect some kind weird shiny things for this DK. I think he had some kind of weird fetish that involved these things. Hey, I don’t ask. It was just supposed be some easy gold to support my habit. Anyhow right when I was almost done this cow -looking thing drops out of the sky and proceeds to kill the rest of the trolls that I need. Now I’m pissed. Now I can’t finish the job so now I won’t get paid. I turn to confront this sorry so-and-so and end up in an Iceblock. DAMN IT!! Next I have to watch that SOB shoot my Imp and feed it to his cat. That’s when I knew I might not make any money today but I was gonna eat steak for dinner that night. I’d been in tighter spots and knew I could get out of this one.

As soon as I was unfrozen I whipped out a Felguard and sent it after the cat. These cow creatures are big and tough but they’re not very smart. My next shot was death coil followed with the fear bomb. I dropped him and took his soul before the stupid cow could stop running around screaming. The only thought I had after this was “ It’s dinner time. “.


~ by MetalDan on April 14, 2010.

One Response to “Episode 1”

  1. wow!these are pretty wild Dan!Bob and I always knew you had that creative side!it shows you had tons of fun doing these,keep up the good work!

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