Episode 2

I sat there watching the smoke waft into the air. The fire had settled down into a nice bed of coals just right for cooking meat. The aroma of roasting steaks filled the air. Properly seasoned of course. I always carried a vial of special herbs with me. I was denied my payday but I wasn’t going to go hungry. I had filled my belly with meat and potatoes. I found some wild ones. They went well with the steaks. I was in the process of cooking up the rest of the meat when I heard something. I looked in the direction of the cow’s head. I had stuck the head on a pike as a warning to others. You might not want to mess with me I’m a little bit crazy. Apparently somebody wasn’t taking the hint.

Witch: As I made my way through this gloomy place, I picked up an awful stench. It was the smell of burning flesh it made my stomach turn. I smelled that smell once before. It was a sad time when the last chief elder of the tribe died. He was cremated in the old ways in an outdoor funeral pyre during a celebration of his life. It was his dying wish, but it still smelled bad. Now that smell was here in the middle of this gloomy place. Since I had no idea what was ahead I switched into cat form and stealthed
on. What I saw horrified me. First I saw the head of one of my brethren on a pike. I even knew him. It was Meatloaf! He belonged to a neighboring tribe. As I drew closer I figured out where that awful stench came from. Some cannibal had cut up Meatloaf, threw him on a fire and was eating him as casually as I would graze. Something inside me snapped. I leaped out; changed into my normal form and screamed, ‘You bastard how can you eat Meatloaf like that?’.

Now I had seen a lot of weird things since I struck out on my own a couple of years ago but this was the weirdest thing I had seen yet. As I was staring in the direction of the noise this big cat jumps out of the dark and turns into one of those cow looking things and screams at me. “You bastard how can you eat Meatloaf like that.” I didn’t know what she was talking about. I didn’t know what to say. So I said, ‘I’m not eating meatloaf all I got are some steaks.’. Then she screamed “Don’t mock me. I’m talking about Meatloaf! “. Then she pointed to the head on the pike. I didn’t want to laugh because I could tell she was really pissed but I couldn’t help but think that cow’s name was Meatloaf. Well I shouldn’t have let that distract me because for a great big cow she sure moved quick. I had a full belly and was feeling a bit lethargic. So when she swung that staff at my head I didn’t move fast enough and she caught me with a glancing blow that sent me rolling back.

Witch: I knew this warlock had to be powerful. Since he was able to take down Meatloaf with what looked like relative ease. I didn’t want to end up dead but this lock had to pay for his atrocity. I caught him without his minion around. If I can just keep him off balance long enough, I can make him regret what he’s done for the rest of his miserable existence. After I almost took his head off with my staff, I started to cast a spell. At the same time I reached into my pouch and grabbed a scroll I’d been holding onto for a long time, suddenly realizing that the elder who gave this to me must have been clairvoyant.

I managed to roll with the blow to my head and came to a halt in a crouching position. I cursed myself for getting sloppy. I never should have allowed her to get the drop on me like that. I stared into the dark. If I could just get off 1 death coil and send her running around for a few seconds. That would give me enough time to clear my head and summon a demon. However I was hardly able to finish the thought before I felt the roots come up and hold my body in place. Then I felt a pain in my brain that held my mind in place. The last thing I remember of that day is this mad cow coming toward me while I was held there helpless. In one hand she held a scroll. Her other hand looked translucent. I watched as her translucent hand reached into my head, ball up into a fist like she was grabbing something, and yanked it out viciously. Mercifully at this point I just passed out.


~ by MetalDan on May 5, 2010.

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