Episode 3

I stood over him triumphantly. He just lay there in a heap drooling. I could just as easily kill him as leave him there but death was too good for him. I really wish I could be around when he woke up and realizes what I did to him. However it wouldn’t be safe to hang around. I caught him off guard the first time and was able to subdue him. I don’t have another cursed scroll and I might not get so lucky a second time. That’s when I had a brilliant idea. I summoned Newa.

NEWA: Hey boss! What can I do for you?

Witch: I have a job for you; a very important job.

NEWA: Awesome what’s the gig?

Witch: I need you to follow this creature and report to me everything he does. I caught this foul beast committing the most horrendous of atrocities. He must pay for what he’s done and he must never be allowed to do it again. I have placed a curse on him to this end. I have never used this curse before and I want you to report the results. It will not be safe for me to remain here long and he will be unable to harm you.

NEWA: And just what exactly is the curse?

Witch: OK, I’ll try and explain. You see that Huuuman (said with disgust) lying on the ground over there drooling on himself. That is a truly evil creature: he thrives on being evil. I could never make him into something he is not. Howeve,r the curse has taken from him his ability to do evil things. When he tries to cuss someone out for no good reason a compliment will come out. If he tries to turn someone’s soul into a shard just because they beat him to some herbs that are ripe for picking, he’ll give them all of his herbs instead and so on. It should drive him quite mad.

NEWA: Damn boss! What did he do to deserve this?

Witch: I caught him eating Meatloaf.

NEWA: Ummm, don’t you think that might be a little harsh boss? I mean really, cursing him for eating his lunch.

Witch: You idiot I said I caught him eating Meatloaf not his lunch. Look at the head on the pike.

NEWA: Ohhh, I see. Wait a minute, you mean that guy’s name was Meatloaf?(chokes back a laugh.)

Witch: (Angry) What the hell are you laughing at?

NEWA: Nothing boss, not a thing. Say, just how long do I need to keep this up for?

Witch: Until the day he dies and no whining. I know time works differently in your realm. You can spend a week over there and almost no time will pass for him. So you WILL!! Keep me informed of all the details. I need be on my way now I expect to hear from you soon


~ by MetalDan on May 19, 2010.

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