Episode 4

As I began to reenter the world of the conscious. I found myself laying in a pool of my own filth. Unfortunately my brain still feels like it’s been scrambled like an egg and I have no control over my faculties. I’m alive and wondering how or why am I alive. I feel like death warmed over and I can’t move out of my own filth, but I am alive. Ever so slowly sensation began to return to my limbs. I can at least sit up now. I open my eyes and try to focus on my surroundings. I can tell I’m still in the same place and at least appear to be alone. I start to stand up but my legs say heck no are you crazy and I collapse back to the ground. At which point I pull out a vial and have a few swigs of my Rejuvenation potion. This was far too dangerous a place to be incapacitated. With every swig of the vial I felt my strength return. Finally I felt strong enough to gather up my belongings and be on my way . My brain still felt like it had been scrambled even after downing the Rejuvenation Potion. Finally I said out loud “What did that crazy cow lady do to me?”.

NEWA: She put a curse on you silly.

Startled by the unexpected voice coming from behind me, I spun around swinging my staff and launched a Death Coil spell. Only to watch both attacks pass harmlessly through this Cherub looking thing hovering in the air. I just stood there stunned thinking ‘damn that’s never happened before’.

NEWA: Save your strength Mr Warlock you can not harm me. I am not of your world. I am from another realm and exist in an ethereal form form while I’m here. You can not harm me.

Great my head still felt like scrambled eggs and now I got some ethereal twerp screwing with me. Wait a second, what did she say? What do you mean I’m cursed?

NEWA: The Master caught you cannibalizing one of her kind. Which is the worst kind of atrocity you can commit in her eyes. So she used her cursed scroll on you.

AHH HUU I see. That explains my head feeling like scrambled eggs. So what is this curse exactly and how long will it last?

NEWA: Well, the curse will keep you from doing evil deeds. You will still be evil but you will not be able to do evil deeds. As for the length of the curse that depends on you and how long you live.

Well this news hit me like a ton of bricks and certainly didn’t help the scrambled egg brain thing I was dealing with. Then I thought could this be true? Did that cow creature actually have that kind of power?
There was only one way to find out. I spied a bunch of little critters running around, mostly rats. So I tried to let loose with a Howl of Terror. Besides scaring a bunch of rats half to death is only a little evil. I took a deep breath and let loose with with the Howl. Then instantly I lost control of my body and felt myself start to laugh like a giddy little schoolboy. Then to make matters worse I reached into my pouch, pulled out my last piece of bread and fed it to those vermin!! Finally It was over and I regained control of myself again. That’s when the realization of this hit me and I began to cry like a blubbering idiot.

NEWA: Don’t worry Mr. Warlock, maybe you’ll like to be all good and nice and stuff.

Megadan cries even louder.


~ by MetalDan on June 3, 2010.

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