Episode 5

New Episode 5
Yeah well, I sat there and blubbered like a little baby for quite a while. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I know turning one of those cow people into a steak dinner was fairly evil: but hey, he had it coming. Besides that wasn’t even close to the most evil thing I had ever done, not by a long shot. So it was kind of ironic I got cursed for the steak dinner thing and not for some of the other stuff I have done. Like the time I took care of a war orphan for a little while. (Laughs)
I took care of her alright.

Let me see: I was wandering around Stormwind City one day when I saw this really hot looking Matron with all these little brats chasing after her – a brunette with long wavy hair. She also had those sleepy bedroom eyes that were as green as emeralds. She walked right up to me, looked me in the eye and said.

Matron: Would you like some?

Honey, I’ll take as much of whatever you have to offer.

Matron: MMMMM I bet you would, but we’ll just start you off with 1.


Matron: Get over here Chana and go with this nice man.

This broad doesn’t know me a bit. Now wait a second this isn’t what I had in mind at all.

Matron: I know. But I have sooooo many to look after. Chana’s adoptive parents will be here tonight and she could really use a big strong man like your self to look after her. Just entertain her for a while and bring her back to the orphanage at 8:00 o’clock . That’s when my shift ends then we can go out.

I always was a sucker for a pretty face. OK, I’ll do it.

Matron: You promise to bring her back safe and sound. It’s only for a few hours. I’ll show you my appreciation when we go out later (giggle). But you have to promise to bring her back safe and sound.

Sure I promise. Hell it was only for a few hours. What could go wrong? After the matron was on her way I looked down and got a good look at my young charge for the first time. I must say what I saw disturbed even me. I never saw such anger brewing inside a young one before. So I asked her “ What would you like to do?”. I immediately regretted the question.

GIRL: I want to avenge my parents’ death.

With that she took off and damn she was fast. I’m starting to understand why that matron pawned the child off on me. I bolted after the girl. I may be evil but I gave my word the girl would be safe . As a point of honor my word must be kept and the girl will be safe.
I don’t know what this little one thought she was gonna do, but she does seem determined. It was hard to keep up with her. She could dart between people easily due to her small size where as I kept running into people. When I figured out what direction the kid was heading in I became concerned. She was heading for the battle portals. I quickened my pursuit. As the people thinned out I gained some ground on the child. However not enough. I watched as this kid took a running leap over the guard’s head and dove through the portal.

I paused for a moment at this point. I really regretted the promise I made now. I’d sooner let the kid fend for herself out there on a battlefront but as a point of honor I had to keep my word. I may be an evil master of the black arts but a man without honor is just a despicable Barbarian. I snapped at the guards “You couldn’t stop 1 little girl? You better hope nothing happens to her. Forget your king’s wrath because MY!! Wrath!! will be far worse. I never gave them a chance to respond as I stepped through the portal.

I placed my feet on the ground on the other side and spied my young charge running down the hill. She had a glowing dagger in her hand. Where did she get that? Then I saw what her target was. There was a big nasty looking Orc with a sword in each hand. It appeared he was guarding a flag and claiming some land as his own. He had his back to us and obviously didn’t hear the little one coming. I watched as she reared back with her arm, threw the dagger for everything she was worth and sunk it into the Orc’s shoulder. The dagger exploded with a blinding green brilliance and I heard the Orc scream in agony. I was almost impressed for a moment but while we were blinded the girl dove into a bush. So when the pissed off Orc turned around all he saw was me. I couldn’t believe it. That little bitch set me up. As I prepared for the Orc’s charge I thought to myself. That little wench is gonna taste death and learn to fear it before this day is over. I braced for the Orc’s assault.


~ by MetalDan on June 17, 2010.

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