Episode 6

Luckily the kid’s dagger dazed the Orc long enough for me to summon my Fel guard “Marredd”. I sent him to go snatch up the kid. I did not want that little brat going anywhere else and creating more problems. I started to cast a Fear spell hoping to gain the upper hand quickly .The spell landed but it didn’t effect the Orc a bit. I took the full force of his charge. I went hurling through the air until a tree stopped me. It hurt a lot. The little wench is gonna pay for this. I was dazed as the Orc raised up his swords. I couldn’t believe I was gonna die like this. It was supposed to be a relaxing afternoon. Now I’m gonna get diced up like an onion. That’s when the Orc’s head got knocked into the tree right above me. I managed to roll out of the way and get to my feet. As I did this, I pulled a vial from my belt and drank from it. My head cleared and I was rid of the affects of the Orc’s charge. I had a clear picture of what was happening. In my minion’s left arm he had the girl wrapped up like he was carrying a log. Apparently he had charged the Orc from behind. He might have even used the girl’s head like a battering ram. Now my Felguard was assaulting the Orc with his ax. I hollered “Chaos Right” 2 seconds later the demon spun to his right. At that exact time a Chaos Bolt left my fingertips and a greenish purple flame hit the Orc right in the face. It’s head exploded sending flaming gore everywhere; especially on the kid.

The now headless Orc corpse slumped over and fell to the earth. Chana started to wail and scream while still being held like a log under Marredd’s arm. I motioned for my Demon to put her down. Then I reached into my pouch, pulled out a couple of Soul Shards and threw them to Marredd to snack on. He earned them. The moment Chana was released she began to shake like a dog sending brain bits and skull fragments flying everywhere. I let her stand there a minute, rubbing the blood out of her eyes. Once she quieted down some I said,

“Let me guess, Orcs killed your parents… but I’d be willing to bet this 1 didn’t.”

Chana: I don’t care. I hate them. I want to kill them all.

You have no idea what you’re talking about. You don’t even understand what death is. However, before this day is over, you will understand death little one. With that said I placed a hand on the girl’s forehead and spoke the chosen words. A couple of seconds later, Chana’s skin glowed a kind of pinkish color for a moment and then it faded back to normal.

Chana: What the heck did you just do to me?

Why nothing, little one. I just preserved your soul for you. We wouldn’t want it getting separated from your body would we? Now walk. You have a lesson waiting.

We headed back to the flag the Orc was guarding. I told Chana to stand next to it while I hid in a nearby barn. I told her this way I could ambush Orcs when they came after her. I couldn’t believe it, she’s just fine with this plan as long as she can watch some Orcs die. Stupid kid, I almost felt sorry for what was about to happen to her, almost. I picked a really good vantage point from inside the barn. It took a bit longer to happen than I thought it might. When it did happen it took me by surprise with how sudden and powerful the attack was. Chana was standing near the flag when a giant fireball streaked across my line of site, blinding me for a moment. I dove behind a pile of hay trying to stay hidden. I peered out from behind the pile and looked out the front of the barn. There wasn’t a sign of Chana nor could I hear her. I stayed hidden for now I didn’t know how many I faced and I was hoping to avoid a fight against a bunch of adversaries . That’s when I felt it. That creepy feeling I get up the back of my neck when the undead are near. I heard what sounded like one set of footsteps. Then I heard the fiend say,

Undead: It seems I cooked myself a nice snack. I see I get to eat some young and tender brains today.

After that I heard a snapping/popping sound. That had to be the kid’s skull being opened like a ripe melon. The gorging, slurping sounds came next. Well I tried not to think about what that was. The moment I was sure he was alone. I began to plan out my sneak attack but I didn’t have to plan much. A battle horn sounded off in the distance. After hearing this my undead friend called for his mount and took off. It seems he was needed as reinforcement for another fight. I took this as my moment to get out of the barn and see what happened. What I saw did not surprise me too much. There wasn’t much left of the kid’s corporeal form. I saw the charred remains. There was an empty skull laying on the ground near the body. Looks like that Undead creature had some brain on the halfskull. I just wandered around for a minute. I kicked the kids halfskull towards her still smoldering remains.


~ by MetalDan on July 2, 2010.

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