Episode 7

So Chana, how did it feel when the fireball engulfed your body. Did it sting a little? Were you surprised to find you soul separated from your body? OHHH, I wish I could have seen the look on your face. Yes, I know you’re still here. Remember I preserved your soul so it wouldn’t get separated from your body (even though there isn’t much left of it right now). I know you’re listening to me just like I know you had to watch that Undead Fiend snack on your melon… like it was a melon. (Laugh) Believe it or not you’re lucky for a couple of reasons. Our Undead friend got called away before you had to watch him really violate your corpse. Secondly and most importantly, you’re gonna get another chance at this life.

With that said, what was left of Chana’s body dissolved into nothing. As quick as Chana’s old body disappeared, her new one materialized right in front of me. Even her clothes were clean. Damn I love that spell. The kid was more calm than I thought she’d be, and she didn’t seem too eager to run off and kill anything either.

Welcome back to the land of the living. Good to see you safe and sound. I know you had an unpleasant trip.

Chana: I was dead.

Kind of, your soul was anchored to the earth. So basically the Soulshard built you a fresh shell and stuck your essence back in it. You weren’t allowed to cross all the way over. Where you end up over there is yet to be determined by how you spend this life. Imagine you actually manage to kill off all the Orcs but, when you die, you end up spending eternity with them. So tell me. Do you still want to carry out this vendetta of yours, young one? Or would you rather live.

Chana: I would rather live, sir.

I bent down slowly until I was almost nose to nose with this child. I looked her in the eye and said “Correct answer. C’mon let’s go back to Stormwind.” I pulled out a scroll, tore it in half and a portal appeared. You could see Stormwind shimmering in the background. I grabbed the kid by the arm and said,”Time to step on through to the other side” and we walked on through. With our feet firmly on the ground in Stormwind City we made our way over to the orphanage. Once I had the front door in sight, I sent the kid on ahead. I was close enough to make sure she couldn’t run off. Chana still looked a bit shaken after coming back from being …mostly dead. I did not want to walk in. There was no telling what Chana might say and I did not want to be part of a ruckus inside the orphanage.

It certainly didn’t take long for Chana to rat me out. All I heard was Matron Juuno, but I could tell Chana wasn’t leaving any details.

You went where!?!?
The Orc’s head went all over you??
Guard a flag? What are you talking about?
He did what to you!?!?
You mean he just watched that mage engulf you in flame.

Well that’s not exactly right I thought.

He didn’t do anything to stop that undead thing from snacking on you??

I was gonna do something I said to myself. He got called away before I could. Right then the front door of the orphanage sprang open and I heard this crazy women yell ‘MEGA’!!!

She looked rather surprised when I said “I’m over here.”. I started to regret hanging around. Juuno ran at me and tried to backhand me. I ducked the blow and Juuno’s momentum carried her around in a 360. She spun like a dancer and landed on both feet: still staring me down.

You sorry pile of Elek dung. How could you do all of those horrible things to one little girl in just a few hours?

She needed to be taught a lesson.


So does this mean were not gonna go out?

GO OUT !! Are you out of your mind!!! With that she stomped off mumbling to herself. ‘Men are so egotistical. I can’t believe he wants me to go out with a psychopath. Probably get me killed…’.

Well this sucks. I was on my way to the inn for a drink and a meal when I got here. Now I’m right back where I started. Only it’s a few hours later. I’m hungrier. I was almost killed and the Matron hates me. Oh well, I guess I’ll just go get that meal and a pint.


~ by MetalDan on July 15, 2010.

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