Episode 8

So there you have it. I’m stuck with this curse and I don’t understand why. I mean, C’mon… getting a little girl killed and making her watch as her own brains get eaten has got to be worse than turning some jerk-ass Tauren into a steak dinner, and nothing happened to me for getting that little girl killed. (BIG SIGH!!!) There have been times when this curse has me so down that I think about quitting.  I could just stand there and let some stupid ogre run me through with his sword. Then I shake my head and think “well how can I get my revenge if I’m dead.” At this point thoughts of revenge are all I have to live for, although I haven’t given up on the idea of getting the curse removed. When, and if, that day ever comes, revenge will taste like a huge, juicy, properly seasoned fillet o’Tauren mignon wrapped in premium bacon.

In the mean time, however, I gave up bathing and went around smelling like I might be Undead or something in order to keep from having to be nice to people . The more people stayed away from me, the better it was for everyone. I’ve figured out that I can work on getting rid of the curse, as long as I don’t do anything evil in the process. But, just try and get rid of a curse without doing something evil. It’s proven to be impossible so far. I learned this lesson the hard way. You see right after The Incident I figured I’d just go find a priest and get this curse removed. No big deal. Boy how wrong I was. Finding a priest that will tell you they can remove the curse is one thing. Finding one that actually can do the job has proven to be a whole other thing.

The first person I asked was this shadow priest. She said “sure I can remove that curse how much gold do you have on you?”

I got enough (aside) “I hope” come on, it can’t be that much to have a curse removed, right?

Fine, give me 20 gold.

I went ahead and paid her the 20 G up front. Paying up front was never an issue for me.  Nobody can outrun any of my minions or my spells. We sat a table and the priest pulled out a small round mirror and placed it on the table. She told me to stare at it. Then she stared into my eyes thru the reflection in the mirror. She said this way she could identify the curse without catching it herself.

“Whistles” Daaaaamn you got a real nasty of a curse there. Ok close your eyes and keep them closed a min.

As I sit there I hear the priest get up and head toward the door. She says.

I just need to get some regents from my horse. I’ll be right back

Nooooo shes not gonna try me like this is she? I knew Priest’s kept there regents on them. If they need them in a pinch having them on the horse doesn’t help. I gave her the benefit of doubt before I did anything.. When I heard her mount up on her horse that’s when I moved. When I got out the door her horse was in full gallop. I just shook my head in amazement. One incinerate coming up. Right when the first few syllables of the spell started to leave my lips, my entire body froze up and I was forced to just watch helplessly as this thief rode off with my gold.
As soon as she was out of sight and unreachable, my bodily functions returned to me. That’s when you know who showed up.

Newa: Ummmmm yeeeah Mega you can’t do stuff like that anymore. Your not gonna be able to kill someone just for stealing from you. You’ll have to come up with other ways of dealing with things like this.
What the hell are you talking about I was well within my rights to do what I was doing

Ummm, no, Mega. As we both know, there’s a big difference between illegal and legal. Whats right and wrong, whats good and evil. Killing someone for stealing is inherently evil.

You mean I just have to let people rob me?

No, stupid, you just can’t hurt them. You’ll have to come up with other ways of dealing with things like this. That doesn’t involve killing people and taking their soul energy.

That’s when life got even more complicated than I ever thought possible.


~ by MetalDan on August 5, 2010.

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