Episode 9

It has been a few months since the last episode. Here’s what’s happened so far. During the first 8 episodes we met Megadan, the human Warlock dealing with a curse that won’t let him do evil deeds. We’ve listened to Mega gripe about how unfair  it was. To be cursed, just for turning some jerk, Tauren Hunter into a steak dinner; especialy when he’s done things that are a lot worse. Like getting a 10 year old girl killed, and making her spirit watch as her brains got eaten. That had to be infinitely more evil… and nothing happened to him for doing that. We also met Newa, a cherubic character, whose job it is, is to watch Mega. *snicker* Apparently she is also supposed taunt him. He still wants to get the curse removed, but that is proving to be a very difficult, task .

It’s been a few years since Megadan’s been cursed. We see he is a mere shell of the mighty warlock he once was; a beaten man. He lives as a hermit on this little piece of land out in the middle of nowhere, sheltering in a small cave with a nearby lake to fish out of. His clothing looks like rags and neither he nor his clothes have been washed in… well, who knows how long? If anyone that knew him before the curse saw him now, they probably wouldn’t even recognize him. But running into old friends isn’t likely. The only contact he has with others, is when he goes into town to sell the Liferoot and other valuable herbs that grow around the lake and in the nearby forest. It’s a week long trip on the back of a Mammoth so he only goes twice a year. Today we find Megadan on his way to town.

The thought of having to deal with others is turning Mega’s stomach as he thinks to himself, “My best outcome on these trips is when I only have to talk with two people; Isa to sell the herbs and Big Red to purchase my supplies.  If I can get in and out of town within a couple of hours; all the better. I sure hope that stupid dwarf Big Red has everything. I don’t want to walk around the market looking for what I need.”

I’ve been on this path for a while now. The next camp clearing should be coming up soon. AHHHH, yes, there it is in the distance. This puts me just outside of town. Once I get there I’ll hop off this Mammoth, make camp and cook myself some supper. Since I have exiled myself away from civilization I’ve not had to suffer the indignation of having that curse take control of my body. Thats what being possessed has got to feel like. You just watch helplessly as your body does things you really wish it wouldn’t. Plus, when my body doesn’t do the things I WANT it to; it’s even worse. Remaining in control of my faculties is worth any price.”

While Mega sets up camp, his Mammoth is quietly grazing along the edge of the clearing. Suddenly it comes to attention, sniffing the air and appearing to be listening to something.

What is it, girl? I sure hope you’re just noticing a small predator chasing some prey.”

As he walks toward his mount, Mega hears some distant sounds growing louder; seems to be a fight. Then he sees flashes of light way off in the distance.  Those have to be spells.

Damn It!!” he thinks as he grabs his Mammoth mount. “I haven’t completely set up camp yet: maybe I can load up and get out of here before whatever that ruckus is gets here.” (hurriedly) “I don’t have much unpacked. No. No. NO!! It’s getting louder. I’m so close to getting out of here.”

Before Mega can finish securing his provisions, a woman on horseback comes crashing out of the forest. As she hits the clearing, she spurs her horse into a full gallop.

I watch as this woman rides by. Seemingly to not even notice me, but she comes close enough.  I see a look of terror and panic on her face.  What the hell could she running from? Now I’m hearing even louder crashing sounds coming from the forest. The crashing noises sound like the forest is being crushed by gigantic boulders. It’s starting to be mixed with some kind of demonic screaming. I can’t get out of here fast enough.”

I begin to openly weep as the creatures break into the clearing. There are 3 of them. They are hideously beautiful. Their bodies look like blobs of ichor, black and seething. Each of them has 4 appendages that look like long bony arms covered with muscles and tendons but no skin. They are almost as big as Matilda and when they scream mouths seem to form randomly on their bodies. However it is not the sight of these demons that make me weep. It is the inevitable that makes me cry. As I watch the demons pursue the woman, I feel it begin to happen. My body straightens up and I’m no longer in control of it. My consciousness watches helplessly as my body steps into the path of the oncoming demons and starts to cast the first spell. I witness my hands make the subtle gestures and I watch the words appear on my lips. I feel like a human puppet in some sick puppeteer’s show.


~ by MetalDan on October 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Episode 9”

  1. Hi Dan. Really enjoy the show ever since I heard about it on the podcast. Is there an audio version of Episode 9, or is it just the writeup? I’m not really sure, but I couldn’t find a link.
    Thanks, and great work!

    • Thanks for showing an interest in The Chronicles. I haven’t done the audio for episode 9 yet. I got 13 more episodes written and hope to start recording soon. A new and improved Chronicles is coming soon.

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