First I wish to apologize for not posting for so long. The reboot process is taking a bit longer than I had hoped. I’ve got 5 more episodes written and a rough draft almost finished on a sixth episode. As soon as I have the rest of season 1 written I’ll get recording. This way when I start releasing again I’ll be able to do it on a weekly basis without interruption. In the mean time I am going to post episode 9 in printed for only. This will be the first of the reboot episodes. What I need is some input please. I’m inviting everyone to be my First Readers. Leave Comments, email me, whatever you’d like to do.  Contact Me I also just purchased a pro style Mic. a  SHURE  SM58 . Also I heard from Alachia a while ago and shes interested in doing an interview with me when I’m ready to release the reboot. I really enjoyed talking with Alachia so this is just that much more motivation to get Season 1 written. One other thing  that has held me up is my acting troupe (The Acme Actors) is putting on a show. The Foreigner at the High Springs Community Theater. So I’m losing a couple of weeks getting this up and running.  One more thing I want to add to this is GalaxyBillies has wrapped up. I did a fair bit of voice work for this and I’m really proud of how it came out. Again thanks for your patience. I’ll get these episodes out as soon as I can


~ by MetalDan on October 2, 2010.

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