Episode 10

Megadan curses himself for not abandoning his stuff and running when he heard the sounds of battle. He watches through his own eyes as his body banishes 1 demon. That one’s tied up for a little bit at least. Still, on the inside, he feels despair on a level that could bring a tear to one of these Demons’ eyes. Well, if they had a discernible eye, that is. Almost two years have gone by without this happening. Now suddenly he has to suffer with this “I’m possessed” feeling again while helplessly watching his body risk death. Over some woman he doesn’t know anything about and with an issue he probably he doesn’t give a shit about either.


“The other 2 Demons just ran by me while focused intently on their prey. I started thinking what I would do if I were in control of things. I would try and enslave the second demon and use it to attack the third. Then to my amazement that’s exactly what my body does and suddenly I’m in control of myself again?. I’m stunned for a moment; I’m not sure what’s happening. From behind me I hear that bone chilling wail these creatures make. Crap! The banish wore off. I spin around to see this hell spawn creature rear back on 2 of its appendages. The wailing comes from human looking mouths that just randomly form on the blob of a body. I barely manage to banish the creature 1 more time, but I know it won’t last long. I turn back to the other two. Some incinerate spells leave my fingertips: striking the demon I didn’t enslave. Aha! I start using Soul Siphon. If only this works. It’s been so long since I’ve had a Soulshard to use. I feel that ohhh so sweet (tink) of a soulshard materializing in my pouch and then another one(tink). The feeling I’m having right now is… is indescribable. Its been almost two years since I have been able to do that. I’d given up on the idea of ever making another Soulshard. When the demon expires I get a third shard (tink). I may actually survive this encounter. With a flurry of action I summon my Felguard. The demon I enslaved takes off after the woman on horseback which is not all bad because I know I still have to deal with the Banished one. It isn’t going to stay Banished much longer. I turn to face the creature. What I see surprises me more than I already was. Regaining control of my faculties still has me thrown me for a bit of a loop.


I can’t believe my eyes.. The instant the Banish spell wore off hundreds of mouths appeared covering its entire body. Next comes the wailing sound. This has to be what a thousand tortured souls sounds like. However I see the hideous sight for what it is; a diversion tactic. While it’s producing all this noise and making itself look all mouthy. I see it getting into a charging or maybe a leaping position. It doesn’t matter though because Marred is unaffected by lame diversion tactics. He charges in and stuns this atrocity. Everything happens so fast. The first demon I killed I did purely on instinct. What I’m capable of is coming back to me. I let loose with a torrent of flaming destruction. I’m releasing nearly 2 years of pent up frustration of walking around feeling impotent. I, of course, obliterated the mouthy creature, but the last incinerate popped it and the body liquefied into a thick black ichor. Now there is a price to pay for my outburst. Everything that the ichor is touching, is dissolving, including my minion. Damn it! I hate it when that happens. Using 1 of my last 2 soulshards to re-summon my Felguard, I’m back down to 1. Hopefully I can get some more off of the other demon.


Luckily I have a really smart Mammoth. She’s stayed far enough away so as not to get dissolved or otherwise injured but still hasn’t run off in a blind panic. So Matilda is still nearby when I call for her. I mount up quickly and take off in the direction that the lady on horseback and the demon went.”


Their path is easy to follow and Megadan catches up quickly. Upon entering another clearing about 40 yards away, he sees her inside a giant hunk of ice. The demon is beating on it ferociously. He thinks to himself, “She’s a Mage” as he quickly assesses the situation.


“Excellent, this should work out well. First I banish the creature. Then right on cue the mage drops her personal Iceberg and disappears. In the blink of an eye she reappears just behind me and to my right. Perfect, because I know I didn’t want her getting dissolved. I also tell Marred to stay put. I couldn’t afford to have him get dissolved either. I see out of the corner of my eye that the Mage is assuming an attack posture. I hold up a hand and say to her “wait for it”. She gives me a nod that says she understands what I mean. I can tell when the Banish spell will wear off. If we time this just right we can blast this thing apart where it stands. After my earlier outburst I don’t have enough energy to completely blast this one solo. I drop my hand, yell “NOW!!” and the mage starts casting. 2 seconds after the mage starts: I start casting too. When the Banish spell wears off, the Mage’s Ice Bolts are already there striking the creature and slowing it down considerably. My Incinerate lands next and finishes the job. The combination of our spells creates a huge steam cloud. Once the steam lifts we could see the results of our effort. Yep, just like the other 2. Nothing left but a nasty acidic puddle.”


Without missing a beat she turns to me and says

“Come on we have to go. We only have a couple of hours before more show up. They’ve killed my horse. Will you please give me a ride back to town?”


“I’ve done this much guess I better make sure you get home safely. Good thing I have a Mammoth for a mount. Then I call for Matilda.”



~ by MetalDan on March 28, 2011.

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