Episode 11

Once they were on Matilda and heading back to town, Megadan starts thinking about what just happened. “Did the curse wear off? Am I free to do as I please? Man that really felt good” and he still has a Soulshard left. In the heat of the moment he didn’t get a chance to make any more. That is a little disappointing but overall it was not a horrible experience. However the other questions still linger. He has to figure this out now! He’s desperate to know if he’s free of the cursed curse. “There is one way to check.” As they make their way down the path, Megadan spies lots of little critters running around the woods.


“ Time to let loose with a little Howl of Terror. I take in a huge breath of air and… damn it! I feel the curse take over. The only thing that comes out of my mouth is gibberish. Next, as if to make this disappointment even worse, the bane of my existence shows up, Newa.


Newa laughing hysterically. (Laughs for a long time.)


Megadan over top of the laughing: “Do you have something to say Newa or are you gonna just keep on laughing like an idiot?”


“I’d be careful about who you’re calling an idiot . You’re not looking like a genius right now yourself.”


“What the hell are you talking about?”


(Says while still laughing some) I don’t know why you look so confused. Nothing’s changed, but thanks for the entertainment. I think your gibberish is improving. (Laughs at own joke)


“What do you mean nothing’s changed? I just blasted some Demons back into goo and made some Soulshards. By my own free will. I haven’t been able to do that for years now and you expect me to believe that nothing has changed!”


“Mega your level of ignorance amazes me. Tell me how did someone as unbelievably stupid as you are ever become a Warlock?”


By this point, if there was any way, Megadan could kill Newa right now: he would; even if it means being cursed for the rest of his life. He would still do it just to watch that insufferable little Imp die. For now anyway, Megadan still can’t touch her. So he just takes a deep breath and says, “Would you please dispense with the moronic insults and just explain to my dumb ass what the hell you’re talking about?”


“Alright if I must, but only because I want to see the look on your face when you’re stupid self finally figures it out.”


Oh yeah, Megadan would so rather remain ignorant and live with the curse. If he could just kill her right now.


“Simply put Mega this is what happened. You destroyed creatures of pure malevolence given form. They were evil creatures that didn’t belong in this world. Plus they were set upon an innocent. So dispatching them and turning their life-force into something useful (like a Soulshard) was actually a good thing.”


The look on Megadan’s face is priceless to Newa. When he learned he had done something good? His face twitching a little as the comprehension comes over him. Conflicted kinda describes what Megadan is feeling at the moment. He thinks “I did something good?” After gaining this piece of knowledge Mega wishes he could go back to being ignorant. That’s when he hears Newa say, “I’m gonna go and let you digest all of this new information. I wouldn’t want to tell you anything else. It might be too much for your pea brain to deal with. Have fun explaining all of this to your new friend.”


With that final insult Newa is gone; for now anyway. Which leaves Megadan with a new dilemma. How does he explain all this to his passenger on back? He completely forgot she was back there.


Chime: “I’m so relieved just to be getting back to the relative safety of home in one piece. However I am concerned about my current situation. This really smelly Warlock seems to be arguing with this Cherub looking person. Where the hell did she come from? Their conversation is very confusing. The Cherub is called Newa and seems to delight in insulting the Warlock. Whose name appears to be Megadan. I think I’ll sit here really quiet like and hope they don’t try and involve me in their madness.”


Megadan looks his shoulder and says, “Ummm hello! You probably heard but let me introduce myself. My name is Megadan and you are?”


Chime- I’m an associate professor at the Mage School in town. Would you mind explaining to me what I just saw?”


I’ll try, simply put; I have this curse and Newa is part of it. The witch who put this curse on me has Newa watching me. Don’t worry though my curse won’t affect you in any way.


Chime sighs when Mega says this. “I wish I could say the same thing, Megadan.”


Mega gets a quizzical look on his face before she continues, “Those Demons chasing me are my curse. It’s a long story.”


“Well we’ve got close to two hours before we get to town. You might as well tell me what’s going on. In case we have to defend ourselves again, any information you have could be helpful.”


Chime knows he is right. So she starts to tell Mega the whole embarrassing story.



~ by MetalDan on March 28, 2011.

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