Episode 12

Narrator: Chime hadn’t thought of that day for quite a while. The incident happened a few years ago. She told Megadan about the Warlock school near the town of Shkrim. It’s only a couple of days ride from Soulfill; where the Mage school is and Chime lives. She told him about a Warlock master named Tearin. He had taken his students on a field trip to the Mage School. Warlocks and Mages have to learn how to work together. So the schools would often have faculty mixers and field trips to each others’ schools. This used to be a rather common occurrence. Until some young, dumb Warlock-in-training played a prank; a prank that went horribly wrong. That prank left Chime cursed and the trainee ended paying the ultimate price for his transgression. Ever since then the relationship between the 2 schools has been strained.

Chime: Every once in a while Tearin would come with a group of students that had a kid obsessed with trying to scare people. I never understood this behavior. Tearin could usually break his students of this annoying habit. Occasionally, he would get a kid who just wouldn’t quit and thought they could scare anyone.”


Chime: Alright, so we have another one of these willful twerps, Tearin? My students and I will enjoy dealing with him.

Tearin: Yes, I think your Illusion detection glyphs enabled and the Dispell and Reflect spells readied will be sufficient.

Chime: (to Mega) Each time Tearin’s student tries to scare someone: his attempt is thwarted. Not just thwarted, downright crushed. Most of the illusions they try to use gets repelled by the glyphs. The rest of any illusions they might try are easily dispelled by me and my students with a mere flick of the wrist. We disspell them and act like the disturbing images don’t bother us a bit. Every once in a great while though, one of Tearin’s students comes up with illusions that are so horrific that it makes me question Tearin’s choice of students, Tearin assures me these students become some of his more astute Warlocks; once they become focused and disciplined.

It is one of these students that cursed me. His name is Silva. He is one of the more persistent ones. It is getting close to time for Tearin and his students to leave. Silva is frazzled and frustrated with the turn of events to the point that he tries to cast a fear spell on me. He doesn’t even try that hard. I am walking down a hall in the dormitory and I hear him whispering the Fear incantation from around a corner. Reflecting the spell back at him is too easy. For 10 full seconds or more Silva runs up and down the hallways screaming and running into walls.

(Sound effects here??)

When the spell is over, Silva ends up on his back, dazed, and with a little bit of blood trickling out of his nose. He makes such a racket that his fellow students come out of their rooms to see what is going on. When they figure out what had happened most of them start laughing. Some of the older students just shaketheir heads.

To say the least, Silva doesn’t take embarrassment very well. After he stops seeing stars and he comes to; Silva is quite angry with everyone laughing at him. As Silva slowly pulls himself up off the floor. He stares at me with such anger that it bothers me just a little. When he hears the other kids say things like “Told you so” and ”Dumb Ass” it seems to turn his anger into a seething hatred. The fact that he brought this on himself doesn’t seem to register with him at all.

Silva: “You’re gonna pay for this hag! You’re gonna run and scream for your life before I’m through with you”. Then he runs off.

Chime: Irun to find and tell Tearin this post haste.

Tearin: (Angrily) This is quite concerning. We must find Silva quickly before he caused any more problems. Assaulting someone on your own side with such an aggressive spell is a serious infraction. Harmless illusion pranks are 1 thing. Casting an attack type spell at your host is way over the line.

Silva is a bit of a prodigy. He’s mastered every lesson given him and has proven to be rather resourceful. In his spare time he taught himself the art of inscription. In fact he’s discovered how to bind spells to scrolls – spells that nobody had ever done that with. It is truly a phenomenal achievement, and the kid knew it. Perhaps this is where his superiority complex comes from.

Chime: Unfortunately Silva has a head start on us. The Mage campus is huge. So after searching all night we still haven’t found him. Tearin and Iare standing in the main courtyard right in front of the school. As we are talking I hear Silva from behind me say, “Are you ready to run for your life hag?

As I turn around I’m struck by something that looks like a wad of paper. Except when it hits

me it dissolves into a this golden shimmering-looking stuff that seems to soak into my body. Tearin is visibly mortified with what his student has just done. Tearin is furious with Silva. He starts screaming at him,

Tearin: You insolent little fool. You have no idea what you have just done.

Chime: What has this kid just done to me?

Silva: “You’re cursed hag. In a moment some demons from the depths of the Nether World will arrive. They’re going to chase you down and rip you to shreds.”

Chime: Then right on cue 3 of the blob demons materialize behind Silva. They melt up through the earth and arrive making a demonic howling noise that chills you to the core. These have long serpent type necks with dragonish -looking heads. Tearin changes from looking angry to positively frightened and sad. Silva is laughing manically now. As if seeing these two grownups frightened out of their skins is the funniest thing he has ever seen in his life. As the demons finishing materializing and orient themselves to different realm of existence, Tearin speaks; his voice is rather calm and sullen.

Tearin: Boy, you know not what you have done. These demons are real. They are not one of your illusions. You only have seconds to run.

Chime: Silva starts to laugh even harder.

Silva: Come on old man that’s the oldest trick in the book. Trying to use my own illusion to scare me ba…

Chime: Silva never finishes the word’ back’ before the demon closest to him reaches out and snapps him up in his jowls. The demon shakes Silva like a rag doll and spits him back out onto the ground like tasting something bad. Silva has a quick but horrible death. Tearin and I wince in unison when we hear Silva’s body hit the ground with a dull thud. We also turn and run.

We head out of town. It is early so luckily there aren’t too many people on the streets. There were a few however; some merchants setting up shop, a couple of traders arriving to town. The demons

are focused on me but they will snap at anything within range as we run through the city headed for the gate. Most everyone gets out of the way. I hear a couple of people behind me get the ragdoll treatment. I run even harder. Out of the city gates and with some room to work I turn to face my pursuers. Tearin uses a run speed potion and is at my side in an instant. Once the demons clear the gate I freeze them in place.

Narrator: The rest of the fight was textbook. It had gone pretty much like the fight Chime and Mega had just had. Tearin banished 1 demon, enslaved another and turned it on the 3rd remaining demon. While Chime and Tearin dispatched the 2 demons they had, Tearin’s students were taking turns keeping the banish up on the other demon. Apparently they heard the commotion and followed Chime and Tearin out to the fight. Once the last demon was taken care of everyone turned to return to town. When Tearin turned around the realization of what had just happen seemed to hit him. He had been so busy staying alive and dealing with the demons he hadn’t had time to process everything that had just happen.

Tearin: Dead townspeople, dead student, cursed associate, and it’s all my fault.

Chime (to Mega) I watched the realizations roll across Tearin’s face. He seemed to age or maybe die a little bit on the inside. I watched this man who was so confident and strong… just break. He didn’t even yell at his students for chasing after their teacher or involving themselves in the fight. They were just students, normally Tearin went ballistic for putting themselves in harm’s way like that. Now he just walked and stared straight ahead. I placed my hand on his shoulder and Tearin didn’t even react.

I am here friend. We shall face the aftermath together.


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